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Wood Badge will help you improve your role in scouting. It will help you focus on your responsibilities, identify a goal, help you work toward that goal-and give you the goals to reach it.
But Wood Badge is more than that. It teaches how a group develops and how the leader can assist in that process. It is about the interrelationship of all members of the Scouting family. It helps identify the connections between the district, the council, and the individual unit. It shows you how to tie Scouting's values into unit meetings with outings. Wood Badge is more than a classroom-it is games and hands-on projects. You will come away with an appreciation of Scouting's heritage as you will play in its future -the impact you will make on a youth in your own unit at home. 

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Also, check out the Wood Badge Scholarships that are available!


Here is compiled data that should help demonstrate the comparisons and support the significant value associated with 21st Century Wood Badge vs. corporate level training courses, seminars and workshops.

Corporate Level Training

Sample Course Content...


  • The Role of the Team Leader
  • Team Leadership
- Recognizing the Needs of Team Members
- The Mechanics and Dynamics of Team Leadership
- The Skills Required
  • Communication Skills for Team Leaders
- Communicating Effectively
- Learning to Really Listen
- Giving and Getting Instructions
- Leading Effective Team Briefings
  • Maintaining Team Performance
- Setting Team Objectives
- Monitoring and Control
- Coaching and the Team Leader
- Giving Effective Feedback
  • Problem Solving
- The Problem Solving Process
  • Managing Yourself
- Developing Confidence and Self Esteem
- Becoming More Efficient
  • Personal Action Plans

Cost...Could be as much as $695.00/per day


Wood Badge

Course Themes that Encapsulate 
Course Content...


  • Living the Values
- Values, Vision, Mission
- Aims and methods
  • Bringing the vision to life
- Listening to learn
- Communicating
- Giving and receiving feedback
-Inclusivenes, Valuing people & leveraging diversity
- Coaching & Mentoring
  • Models for Success
- Stages of Team Development 
- Leading EDGE / Teaching EDGE
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Planning & Project problem solving
- Managing conflict
- Assessing team performance & self-assessment 
- Leading change
- Celebrating team success
  • Leading to Make a Difference
- Leaving a Legacy

And...Learning the greatest leadership secret!


$215.00 including great meals for 6 days!