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So 2012 was the 1st year the Chief Seattle Council “maxed” our benefit which is a good thing! The bad news is that several units will not receive the Scout Bucks incentive for these gifts that were filed in late December 2012.

So, Here is the tip of the day: As soon as you have volunteered 25 hours for the Boy Scouts apply for a volunteer time match gift. Don’t wait till then end of the year to file 200 hours!

Then apply for each subsequent 25 hours as soon as possible. The minimum block of time to apply for a Boeing Volunteer Time Match gift is 25 hours. This will be a “race” to the organizational limit of $150,000 which we estimate we will hit in November of 2013. This will maximize the amount of Scout Bucks your unit receives.

Also, be sure to apply in increments of 25 hours. For example, if you apply for a 33 hour volunteer time match gift. The Boy Scouts will receive a $250 gift and 8 of your hours will go to “waste”. To maximize your benefit, apply those 8 hours to your next submission and do it in an increment of 25 hours.

Please take a look now and see if you are eligible to file for a gift. I’ll also send a reminder at the end of the summer to file a volunteer time match gift since a lot of you will be spending a lot of time with Scouts at summer camp, Jamboree, and High Adventure trips.

Thanks for all you do to make Scouting so successful.


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