Popcorn Sale 2015
Popcorn- Important Dates and Information

Final Popcorn Closeout is this Wednesday, December 2nd

- Includes Take Order Settlement Form (top cover sheet)
- Take Order (or remaining) Deposit Slips for Bank of America
- Transfer Forms that have not been entered yet. No duplicates please!

- $1500 Club and Scholarship Forms for your Scouts as needed

- List of all of your boys that sold at least $400 to earn their Mariners ticket voucher for a game this spring.


If you have any major concerns about closing out on time contact us at popcorn@seattlebsa.org.




PRIZE ORDERS: NEW site and program, see details below!

- Click HERE to learn how to place your unit prize order
- Prize Mania FAQ's
- Council Specific Q and A (a must read!)

*Scout $400 level = earn 2 tickets to the Mariners game next spring/summer. NOT to be ordered with regular prizes, this is a special council incentive. Unit Kernels must create list of Scout names that earned this and submit with final Take Order Setllement Form by December 1st.




Commission Structure

 Groups earn 35% commission for the products they sell. Groups can earn a maximum of *38% by increasing their sales by 10% over 2014.


*Online sales are fixed at 35%.


Product Information

 Click here to download product information including prices and “sale type” availability


Sales Timeline

 Click here to download the timeline. 


Sale dates, order deadlines, and product deadlines:

  • Friday, August 28th - SALE BEGINS
  • Tuesday, September 1st – Show & Sell Product Orders Due (by 11:59 pm)
  • Thursday, September 17th – Show and Sell Popcorn Distribution(District Kernel has specifics)
  • Thursday, October 1st – 11th – Online Sales Frenzy (Chance to win cool prizes for online sales completed during this week. Online sales made August 28th-October 11th will qualify).
  • Monday, October 19th – Main product return due date (returns after this date is limited!)
  • Sunday, October 25th – SALE ENDS! Unit kernels to collect order forms and tally unit order.
  • Monday, October 26th – Final day to return unopened cases. Four case maximum!
  • Monday, October 26th – Take Order Product Orders Due (by 11:59 pm)

-          Show & Sell Settlement Forms and payments also due

  • Monday, November 2nd - Prize Orders due (may be entered prior to this date)
  • Friday, November 13th -Take Order Popcorn Distribution (District Kernel to communicate specifics)


  • Tuesday, December 1st  – Deadline for units’ deposits to Bank of America
  • Wednesday, December 2nd – All CLOSE OUT PAPERWORK DUE
    • (Seattle Service Center open until 6 p.m. for unit convenience)
  • By December 31 -On time unit’s commission check mailed (or deposited).
  • January – $1,500 Club Party. Details TBD

Site Sales


Selling in front of stores is a great way to increase your group's sales! In order to reduce the number of scheduleing conflicts, please work through your district site sale contact to reserve stores. 


District Specific Information (for site sales):


  Aurora District- Click Here

 Green River District- Click Here

 Sammamish Trails District - Click Here

 All other districts- Click Here


Resources Featured at Kick-Off Trainings

 #2 top selling Scout in the country - Luke Fawks video - Click here to play/download

- PPT presentation from training - Download (You don't need a dropbox account)


TRAILS END has teamed up with SQAURE to enhance your sale with mobile payment options. Click HERE for more details.


Please note that there are some small edits requiring your attention on the Transfer and Returned Product Forms:

  1. The Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese has 12 bags per case (not 6 like last year). Please make necessary changes on both forms.
  2. The White Cheddar Cheese is NOT available for returns even though it is listed on the Return Form. 


Scout Prizes & Incentives
  • Prizes earned at different levels of the sale (see prizes).

  • Sell $600 and receive a remote control vehicle.  

  • Sell $1500 and be in the “Club” to receive bonus $50 gift card in addition to council top seller party in January 2015. Dates, and locations TBA.

  • Trails End Scholarship fund: sell $2500 just one time and 6% of sales goes into account.

  • TOP SELLER IN THE COUNCIL earns special BONUS elite prize. Details TBD
  • Sell at least one item online during Online Sale Frenzy week (October 1-12, 2015) and be eligible for extra prize drawings! (Online sales made from Aug 1-September 30th will also qualify).
  • Sell at least $400 (site sales, door to door, or online) and receive two tickets to a major-league sporting event in summer 2016.



Click here to download the prize brochure. The Chief Seattle Council pays for prizes, so groups can enjoy their full 35% commission!


Online Sales

Though the sale officially starts on August 28th, online sales made after August 1, 2015 will also count towards this year’s Scout incentives and prizes. 




Online Sales

Trail's End has developed a BRAND NEW website for online sales. It's easier than ever! The only catch is: everyone has to create new accounts/logins.

Click here for instructions on setting up a Scout Account to sell online.

Click here for instructions on setting up a Leader Account to 'view online sales'.

For Leader accounts: the activation code is: popcorn (case sensitive). We're the Chief Seattle Council. Then select your district and unit.    



Trail's End has produced several great videos, including the ones you saw at training. Check out the videos below for help with the next steps in your unit's popcorn sale!

These and all the other videos provided by Trail's End can be seen here.

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Important Info for Kernels


2015 Leader Guidebook





Many District Kernels (DK) will be assisting with site sales this year. Check with them prior to making any local store manager requests!

If your DK is NOT coordinating site sales at the district level, contact the store manager and/or corporate offices for permission using this form: Store Manager Request Letter (Template).

Unit Kernel Master Inventory Worksheet (2013)



Sell Popcorn = Earn 35% Commission

Expectations are:

  • Attend council trainings & host unit kickoff
  • Be on-time with orders & closeout paperwork
  • 3% BONUS -  Grow your sale (20% increase from 2014)

Units earn a flat 35% commission for all online sales, too!



Alpine - Ingrid Brown
Aquila - Sue Fore
Aurora - Doug Baer
Cascade - Cat Rowe
Foothills - Mary Wilson
Green River - Sean Mobley
Mt. Olympus - Crystal Tomlinson
North Lakes - Mary Pat Seeman
Orca - Harry Boyd
Sammamish Trails - Ross Comer
Sinclair - Sean Neal
Thunderbird - Craig Nakashima



Darla Sklar - 206-902-2353
Patrick Nance - 206-902-2322

General Q's: popcorn@SeattleBSA.org



Popcorn System Help
Online Sales Support
Scholarship Inquiries

Prize Questions?
If local council cannot assist, contact NDC.prizeincentiveprogram@scouting.org

Due to Inventory, Scout Shop West in Silverdale will close early at 2:00 p.m. on December 5th. The Puget Sound Scout Shop in Seattle will close early at 2:00 p.m. on December 12th.