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Membership Policy Change

The Boy Scouts of America is beginning a new chapter.

Throughout the nation, parents, volunteers, and community leaders have been in a discussion about the future of our youth. On Thursday, 61% of the national board members voted to Scouting to become open to all youth, beginning on January 1, 2014. I understand that while many people are happy, many are very unhappy.

For those who are unhappy:
We currently have gay youth in Scouting; they have just had to hide it under the old policy. The new policy does not allow for advocacy of any sexual orientation so essentially nothing has changed. Gay youth are not youth we need to be concerned about, they are young people who are friends with your children, they are good students, they attend church, and they enjoy camping, hiking, and working on merit badges. Don't they deserve Scouting, too?

Please consider this before you quit Scouting: I ask that you take a week or so to reflect on what Scouting offers to your son or daughter.

For those who are happy:
This has been a distraction for a long time. It is now time to get back to delivering the programs that our youth have been promised. They are expecting to go to their pack and troop meetings, go to summer camp, day camp, and the national jamboree. Let's not disappoint them.

Remember, Scouting is a family and even when family members disagree they can always work through their differences and come together in the end as one.

And finally, some may think there are winners and losers with the decision but there are neither winners nor losers - There is only the MISSION. So let's get to it.

"Life is long and we are always learning and growing." Bill Gates, Sr.




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