Staffing Wood Badge
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Staffing Wood Badge (continued)

How to be on Staff for Wood Badge

Would you like to be on staff for a Wood Badge course? If so, here is some information for you. (By the way: staff members play different roles on course, but everyone on staff is an Assistant Course Director, except the Course Director.) Wood Badge staff are volunteers who donate their time and energy (and money) to help bring Wood Badge to us.

Why Be On Staff?

The Wood Badge course staff members contribute to the growth of each participant, the strength of all the participants' units, and the improvement of all those units' communities. You make a big difference in the lives of many people, even though many of them never know you exist.

Staff members also benefit directly. You grow in leadership and in understanding of Scouting. You make new friends even of people you already know -- serving together on Wood Badge creates a deep bond, plus you meet course participants. Moreover, the Wood Badge program is very rich, so every time you staff, you learn more of what it offers.