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Wood Badge: After the Course
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Gilwell Song

The Gilwell Song is always sung in the same order by patrol, with Beavers first. You will sometimes also have Ravens, Explorers, or others. The verse for Explorer Wood Badge is quite different – see your songbook. In Chief Seattle Council, members of a patrol will link with arms around shoulders while singing their verse, then join the other patrols, so that at the end everyone is together. We do not change the song, and we don't dance with it. If there are people present who have not gone to Wood Badge, then the senior patrol leader or other appropriate person might invite them to stand and sing with a friend or family member, or to be inside the circle.

In the Gilwell Song, remember AND. We sing "I used to be a Beaver [or whatever] AND a good old Beaver too." Got it? "And."

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