Chief Seattle has written a help sheet for you: How to take Youth Protection Online Training. This training should automatically post to your Scouting record.

If this is your first time taking online training there is also: Setting Up a Account. Save your login and password because only one can be tied to your registration and give you credit for your training.

Still having trouble? Contact, or 206-725-5200.

In Chief Seattle, Scouters registered in a unit must have a Youth of March of the current year or later for recharter. [District members including Merit Badge Counselors need a date of August or later for the council’s recharter in June.]

Confused because says your Youth Protection hasn’t expired but we are telling you to take it again? Your expiration date has to be later than your new registration’s END date (the date it disappears in Yes, it is confusing, which is why we only look at the date you took Youth Protection.

Unit training coordinators: why not make a tradition in your unit of bringing Youth Protection to your leaders and parents each fall? Here’s how you can bring it to a committee or parent meeting. There is no ‘test’; credit is given for watching the entire video.

There is a facilitators guide to help you.

  1. Watch the online training as a group. You’ll need to send a roster to so the training can be recorded in everyone’s Scouting record. This will work for any of the Youth Protection courses but your roster [downloadable Excel or PDF] needs to specify which course was done.
  2. No WiFi at your meeting place? Download the Youth Protection Training Video (this only Y01) in the Training Document (you will need to scroll down to it) or ask your district executive to get you a DVD from council. You will still need to send a roster [downloadable Excel or PDF] to, or mail it to Membership, 3120 Rainier Ave S, PO Box 440408, Seattle, WA 98114.

Youth Protection is required annually in Chief Seattle Council for any 18 or older to be registered.

Which Youth Protection should you take?

Adults registered in Packs, Troops, Teams, or Districts (including ALL merit badge counselors) are required to take Youth Protection (course code Y01).

Adults and youth 18 and over registered in Crews are required to take Venturing Youth Protection (course code Y02). You may also see this course called Youth Protection for Venturing.

The two courses are NOT interchangeable and anyone registered in a Crew and any other postion must take both.


The Boy Scouts of America requires Youth Protection training for all volunteers. The purpose of this policy is to increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist in Scouting.