Alpine District

Senior District Executive Chaffin Hornor 206.902.2309 Email
District Chair Rob Wotton 425-241-3445 Email
District Vice-Chair/Advancements and Awards Dave Clemens 425-985-1246 Email
Volunteer Eagle Boards Only Margo Inman 425-829-4675 Email
Vice Chair, Programs Eric DePoule 425.864.7032 Email
Volunteer Trainer Todd Brown 425.222.6613  
Volunteer Trainer David  Kristensen 425.401.6831 Email
Volunteer Trainer Wendy  McBride 425.427.8309  
Volunteer Trainer Gary Rudolph 425.369.9426  
Volunteer Trainer Sherri Zucker 425.880.4103  
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator  Eric DePoule 425.864.7032 Email
Webelos Woods Event Chair Eric DePoule 425.864.7032 Email
Pinewood Derby Event Chair Bob Everet    Email
Cub Day Camp Director Eric DePoule 425.864.7032 Email
Friends of Scouting Chair Ray  Reed 425.891.2286 Email
OA Advisor  Brent Schmidt 206-719-7392 Email
Assoc Chapter Advisor Walter Beauchamp 425.213.3647 Email
Assoc Chapter Advisor Paul  Meehan 425.427.2968 Email
Website Michael Pacholec   Email
District Commissioner Staff      
District Commissioner Ken Fischer 425-200-8891 Email
Unit Commissioner Walter Beauchamp 425.213.3647 Email
Unit Commissioner Paul Meehan 425.427.2968 Email
Unit Commissioner Tom Mechler 425.255.0922  
Unit Commissioner Deborah Barnard 425.292.0434  
Unit Commissioner Guy Bennett 425.222.4888  
Unit Commissioner Tad Englund 425.313.1011  
Unit Commissioner Gary  Hendricks 425.562.7080  
Unit Commissioner Heather Johnson 801.380.3394  
Unit Commissioner Andrew Kass 425.256.2424  
Unit Commissioner Margaret Mellor 425.643.8241  
Unit Commissioner Kristine Millett 425.313.4794  
Unit Commissioner Kristina  Moore 425.881.8941  
Unit Commissioner Rachelle Roberts 425.391.6881  
Assistant District Commissioner David  Kristensen 425.401.6831 Email
Assistant District Commissioner Laurie Bateman 425.562.3106 Email
Assistant District Commissioner Walter Beauchamp 425.213.3647 Email
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Wendy  McBride 425.427.8309 Email
Assist. Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner       
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Mark Matthews 425.246.8351 Email