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For our youth, awards can be a way to motivate, teach, and recognize important skills. For adults, they are often a guide on how to do a job, and a way for the unit and council to thank Scouters for a job well done.

At Awards Central on the official Boy Scouts of America website, you can find even more awards and possibly newer forms (PLEASE tell us!). All links are to (Chief Seattle's website) or (BSA national website) unless otherwise noted.

Some questions, frequently asked:

Is there a right side up to leader knots? Yes, the bight, or loop, in front goes on the wearer’s right (toward the shirt’s buttons). This is easiest to see in a two color knot like the Scouter’s Key. Knot ScoutersKey
What is a “device” for a knot? Many knots can be earned multiple times. A device, or small gold pin, can be worn on the knot. For example, Scouts may earn the religious award several times as they move through Scouting. Here is a religious knot showing the Scout earned it both as a Cub Scout and as a Scout. Knot ReligiousYouth devices
How many rows of knots may be worn on the uniform? A maximum of three rows (9 knots) is suggested.
How are medals worn? Up to five medals may be worn in a single row pinned directly above the seam of the left pocket.
What is the difference between the “trained” patch and a “training award?” The “trained” patch may be worn as soon as a leader completes the required training for his position. The “training award” also includes tenure and performance requirements in addition to the basic training, and must be approved by the district training chair (the last signature).
Where can I learn more about how to display my awards? Uniforming questions are answered in the Guide to Awards and Insignia book which can be found online here or purchased at the Scout Shop.

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