The Chief Seattle Council office be closed to the public until year end. Support staff will be available Tuesday – Friday from 10am – 5pm via phone and email. Shop will be closed indefinitely. Please read this announcement (updated 11/16) for more information.



OPEN Scout Executive    
Chris Otto Director of Field Service 206-902-2317
Bill Beaumont Director of Support Service 206-902-2323
Patrick Nance Director of Development 206-902-2314


Field Service
Bradley Roberts Mt Tahoma
Sr. District Executive 206-902-2360
Chris McNeal Alpine District Executive 206-902-2309
Chris Otto Director of Field Service 206-902-2317
Jeff Nelson

Asst. Director of Field Service
(West Division) 206-902-2311
Jeff Weiss Kitsap District Executive 206-725-5200
Joe Gooden Scoutreach Director 206-902-2356
John Padgett Aurora Sr. District Executive 206-902-2355
OPEN Northern Trails
District Executive  
Kimberly Kanouse Duwamish 
District Executive 206-902-2340
Koby McInnis Lake Shores District Executive 206-902-2334
Linda Smith Field Service Secretary 206-902-2303
Shana Scott Mt Olympus District Executive 360-504-2170


David Buterbaugh Camp Pigott Director 360-568-2065
Don Baeder Camp Edward Director 360-568-6295
Dale Wills Camp Sheppard Director 360-663-2223
Ken McEdwards Camp Parsons Director 360-796-4427
Melissa Ranken Camping Registrar 206-902-2342


Mary Compton Registrar 206-902-2324
Barrett Taylor Assistant Registrar  206-902-2335