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How to submit a nomination:

  • Download the Recommendation form (fillable pdf) and read the instructions. Do not use an old version of the form. Complete the entire form, including:
    • “Nominee Information” (leaving “Summary of Action” blank),
    • details of the action in the appropriate section (“For First Aid,” “For Rescue from Fire,” “For Ice Rescue,” “For Water Rescue,” or “Miscellaneous Case”), 
    • statement from the nominee (and have the nominee sign the form in the space provided), 
    • statement from the rescued person (if available), and
    • witness statement(s).
  • Submit the nomination to the council office to the attention of the Council Advancement Committee. 

The nomination will be considered by the Council Advancement Committee at its quarterly meeting in February, April, August, or October, and then the recommendation will be forwarded to National.

It generally takes National 6-8 weeks to make a decision and send the award back to the council.

The district executive will then work with the nominee to find an appropriate way to present the award.

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