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How do I print from the new Calendar, and other hidden features.

Larger image at the bottom of the articleThe new calendar has a lot of great features, views for better printing and selection of text, the ability to pick and choose types of events to view, searching, plus lots of ways to stay up to date on your phone or desktop and through email.

New Calendar?  As we were updating the council web site we listened to a lot of feedback from all sorts of people.  The calendar feature and date information was ranked as one of the most important features of the site.  So we put a lot of effort into selecting the solution that came the closest to meeting everyone's needs and desires.  We heard from folks who have to keep it up to date, and the people who use a lot of technology and those who don't.  We looked at so many options it might make your head swim, but we settled on this one (From TeamUp) because it was the best compromise. 

I Just Need To Copy Some Info Into An Email - The default view of the calendar is typically a month view.  Its the most "calendary" :)  But there are several other views that lend themselves to copying text.  Please refer to the image below and item "B".  The "Agenda" and "List" views are just the ticket for this purpose.  In both these views you can highlight the text and copy.  But before you just copy everything, let's talk about some features that will help you get just what you are looking for.

Where can I find the calendar? - Start with the Front page calendar.  This calendar has all the sub calendars together.  See below how to filter it down.  In addition each of the District sites has the District's Calendar, plus the combined Training Calendar.  It may also optionally have other calendars added by the district webmaster.  District Calendar's are typically listed in the right hand navigation of each District site.

How Do I Find Training? - We have purposefully consolidated all the training onto one calendar.  All training events for the council, plus all the districts, on one calendar.  We are also working hard to list the specific training course codes and standard descriptions that apply to each event (Training folks to do this is a work in progress).  This means that you can use the search function (see item "A" in the image below) to search for ALL opportunities for that course across all districts.   So give it a try and search for "C32" which is BALOO or "S24" and see what shows up.

 Too Many Dates - I Can't Find What I'm Looking For - Well, this is where the things get exciting! We've put a lot of thought into how to find events.

  • Separate Calendars - Events Grouped By Topic - You can to turn off the calendars you don't need to see right now. 
    • Turn off one calendar by clicking on its name (see item "G" below). 
    • Select just one by turning them all off first (see item "F" below) and then turning on just one by clicking its name (see item "G"). 
  • Search for Events - If you have an idea what you are looking for just use the search box (see item "A" in the image below).  Try searching for a training course number. 

More details please - You can click on a title of an event to see a summary of its details and you can control whether details show up in Agenda and List views with the "show details" checkbox (see item "D")

I Don't Want to Come To the Web Site! - Speaking of fancy features, this calendar solution has the ability to send you email notifications when events are added or changed.  You can also have a copy of the calendar kept up to date alongside (and often overlaid upon) other calendars you might be using in Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal and/or on a phone.   Just click that blue button and explore the options (see item "C" in diagram below). 


New Calendar Features