The Seattle Service Center is open Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm. Please call ahead for appointments, 206-725-5200. The Puget Sound Scout Shop is open Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm. The shop is closed daily for lunch 1-1:30pm. Please call the shop ahead of time at 206-721-5945.
Northern Trails District
The Northern Trails District is part of the Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America. Our district includes the cities of Bothell, Carnation, Duvall, Kenmore, Redmond, Woodinville, and surrounding areas northeast of Seattle, Washington. The district serves approximately 1,700 youth.
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Saturday, July 11th brings Northern Trails District’s next virtual merit badge clinic, Citizenship in the Community.

To register and get the Zoom connection details, scouts should send email to with their name and troop number. Please ensure the mail is copied to another adult such as a parent or the scoutmaster.

Scouts should download the workbook from to take notes in, as well as later submission to the counselor.

Scouts will complete requirements 1, 2, 6 in the meeting.  Requirements 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 require work outside the clinic, but the clinic will include material about how to execute on these requirements during the quarantine.   The Zoom meeting will last until noon so that any scouts who are ready to sign off on any such pre-work can meet with the counselor after the class portion finishes.

Information from the counselor for scouts who want to complete some of the pre-work ahead of time:

“check for approval”      I will accept email prior to the session as a way of checking for approval on any requirement that says to get counselor approval (4b, 5, 7c).

3.a) I will accept watching recent government meetings on video for this requirement - all of City of Redmond and Kirkland town meetings are available for viewing for example

4.b) I will accept chat, video, phone, and email format for the interview so long as the scout is the one that created the interview questions

7.c) I will want evidence of the hours – signature from organization, time sheet, email confirmation – COVID 19 makes this requirement difficult to meet but I will not be surprised if some scouts find organizations that have service work that meets quarantine guidelines.

8) I will accept Zoom, Teams or other remote presentations scouts may have made to their troop, church or other group. I will want evidence (photos, video, email from scoutmaster or other attendee, etc.) along with description of the presentation. The scout may also share the presentation with me as a video to meet this requirement.