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Northern Trails District
The Northern Trails District is part of the Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America. Our district includes the cities of Bothell, Carnation, Duvall, Kenmore, Redmond, Woodinville, and surrounding areas northeast of Seattle, Washington. The district serves approximately 1,700 youth.
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In the Boy Scout program, one of the requirements for rank advancement beyond First Class is to earn merit badges. There are currently 137 merit badges, each covering a subject that represents a potential vocation, hobby or a life skill, and new ones being added all the time. The scout works with an adult who has some experience, training and/or education in that field. 

  • The scout first expresses his interest in working on a merit badge by approaching his scout leader. 
  • The scout is directed to a suitable counselor by his unit leader.
  • The leader finds a counselor from the list provided by the District. 
  • To be included on this list the counselor must be registered as an adult scouter with the Chief Seattle Council and as a Merit Badge Counselor with the Northern Trails District.
  • The scout must have another person with them when meeting with the counselor.  This may be another scout, a parent, brother or sister, relative or friend.

Here are more details about merit badges and the process from the National organization.

Merit Badge Counselor List in two Formats

The Northern Trails District maintains a list of currently registered merit badge counselors as a reference for unit leaders in the District.  It is provided on this site in two file formats as an Excel Spreadsheet and as a PDF.  Other formats may be requested.

Password Required to Open - The list contains a lot of personal information, so we have implemented a password to open the files. First download the version you prefer to your computer or mobile device, when you open the file it will prompt for a password.  Ask your unit leader or email your District Advancement Chair or District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator to get the password.  Please indicate your unit number and/or Northern Trails District position to help in verification as this is a protected list for use only by registered BSA leaders such as Scoutmasters, Crew Advisers, Advancement Chairs, Committee Chairs or other adults within a unit approved by their unit leader.

pdf Northern Trails Merit Badge Counselor List (PDF)

spreadsheet Northern Trails Merit Badge Counselor List (Excel)

The Excel version can be sorted and filtered, the PDF version may be better for printing the whole document (over 20 pages) or where an app to read PDFs is handy but an app to read Excel files is not.

For older PCs Microsoft provides a free Excel Viewer for Windows.  Otherwise, search your device's store for viewers from Microsoft or Adobe for these file formats if you don't already have one installed. 

Questions and Comments - You may contact District Advancement Chair Mike Ocheltree at 206-618-3024 or,  with questions or comments regarding any advancement issue.

Merit Badge Clinics

Our last virtual merit badge clinic was Citizenship in the Nation on Saturday, 14 November from 9 am until 12 pm.

Future clinics will be listed here.

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor

IMPORTANT: Counselors must maintain a current BSA registration with the Chief Seattle Council and Youth Protection training. Youth Protection training (YPT01) must be taken annually at

Merit Badge Counselors are registered with the Council.  The council registration period begins on the first of July each year.  Training is valid for 24 months from the date it is taken, so at registration time it must be less than 12 months aged.  Leaders who will register in a unit as well as a Merit Badge Counselor are best served if they take the training after June and before unit recharter each year. 

Counselor Training: Training for Merit Badge Counselors is highly recommended.  It is a self-study guide specific to our council (not national).  At the end of the training you will find "credit survey" please complete this training if you intend to counsel scouts on any merit badge.

New Counselors or current Counselors adding new Merit Badges must submit a Merit Badge Counselor Registration Form and receive Northern Trails District approval prior to the start of any Merit Badge Counseling. Fill this form out completely and submit it and a copy of your Youth Protection Training Certificate by email as PDF attachments to both Council and Paul Monahan. Forms will then be forwarded to and checked by the Chief Seattle Council office before your name appears in this list. A background check is also run on each new BSA registration applicant.

Contact District Advancement Chair Mike Ocheltree at 206-618-3024 or with any questions, or Paul Monahan, the District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator as well as a Cc to Council with requested changes to this list.