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All Scouts can sell Popcorn!

Become a Single Seller to earn funds toward camp. This program allows youth to sell popcorn, even if their whole group isn’t participating. Earn money for summer camp, a new sleeping bag, or apply it toward your group’s annual dues!

How does it work?
Scouts sign up as a Single Seller, and earn 37% commission for all popcorn products sold. Youth sell to family and friends during the sale period. Cash and checks are turned in weekly, and orders are submitted at the end of the sale. Product is picked up on November 20th, and the Scout delivers product back to customers before Thanksgiving.

All sales are done with an app!
Once you’re signed up for the Single Seller’s program, download the Trail’s End App through the Google Play Store or the App Store. This app provides free credit card processing, and is your tool to record all sales.

How does the commission work?
Youth earn 37%. Commission checks are mailed to the Scout’s home group at the end of the sale. It is up to each Scout to have a conversation with their group committee to determine how those funds may be spent.

Scouts will earn Amazon gift cards based on how much they sell. Click here to view the prize brochure. Scouts who sell at least $1,000 worth of popcorn will be invited to a free Mariner’s Game in the Spring of 2021, and Scouts who sell at least $2,000 will be invited to a Top Seller’s Kick-off event in August 2021.

Click here to view all Amazon gift card levels.

When does the sale occur?
July 1 – October 25, 2020

How do I sign up?
E-email a completed registration form (below) to Chaffin Hornor at Materials will be mailed to your home.

2019 Download full info packet & registration form by clicking here.

2020 Updates and Changes from 2019 Sale

Scouts can sell online or in-person through the Trail’s End app using the Online Direct program.

Trails End has updated its gift card levels. In addition to a commission, Scouts individually earn an Amazon gift card based on their sales amount and how they sell (online, credit/debit card, or cash).

Many groups had great success using the Trail’s End app and website in 2019. Chief Seattle Council has discontinued paper transfer forms for all groups and requiring use of Trail's End website and app. Trail’s End’s app will help groups receive their commission checks quicker, streamline their sale/transfers, and remove the amount of contacts between customers and other groups.

Groups can request to receive their commission payments electronically this year, through an ACH deposit.

Groups will not be allowed to return unsold product this year. To help groups, we will offer multiple pick up days (once a month) for groups to choose from. We will also look over each groups order and consult with them to confirm everyone feels comfortable with how much popcorn is on an order. Finally, we will be organizing Facebook and email groups to help groups communicate, organize transfers, and fill any take orders that have been placed with product other groups may have.

We are asking all groups to complete an agreement (MOU) and Show & Sell application. The aim of these forms is to guide groups when ordering product and reduce risk.

Store front sales in King County will be handled through a council wide website. This process will replace the manual work done by volunteers and council staff. We are asking groups to submit Site Sale requests by July 28. On July 31, a Site Sale calendar will be released.


2020 Popcorn Sale Calendar

June 1st: Online Direct (online and take orders) goes live
August 6th: First Show & Sell product orders due (minus Mt. Olympus)
August 27th: (Mt. Tahoma & Kitsap) product pick-up
August 28th: (King County) product pick-up

August 28th: First day of site sales

September 6th: Second Show & Sell product orders due
September 17th: (Mt. Tahoma & Kitsap) product pick-up
September 18th: (King County and Mt. Olympus) product pick-up

October 4th: Third Show & Sell orders due
October 15th: (Mt. Tahoma & Kitsap) product pick-up
October 16th: (King County and Mt. Olympus) product pick-up
October 25th: Last day of sale

November 1st: Final Order (take orders) due
November 4th: Show & Sell payments due
November 19th: (Mt. Tahoma & Kitsap) Take Order product pick-up

November 20th: (King County and Mt. Olympus) Take Order product pick-up
December 16th: Final payments, prize orders, and bonus forms due