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Commissioner Service

Web Site Policies for District and Council Groups

In order to receive a link from the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, the Chief Seattle Council has agreed to follow certain regulations regarding the content and control of our presence on the World Wide Web. As all our districts and other council groups and committees are a direct part of the council’s operations the agreement applies to them as well. The policies listed below will help to assure that we remain within the constraints of our promise to the Boy Scouts of America; they must be followed by all council entities.

Districts, and council committees or program groups may apply to their district executive or staff advisor for a site on the WWW. Requests will be routed through the director of marketing and administration to the council web site committee for review, and then be approved by a council cabinet member. Applications should come in the form of a letter or memo describing how the site will appear, who will develop and update it, and how each of the Council Web Site Policies will be met.

• According to National Council policy, the Chief Seattle Council must have direct control over the content of its web presence. As such, no independent website may be maintained by any district, council committee or program group.

• The council will provide all necessary hosting.  Once a site is approved, password access for development and maintenance will be issued.

• Districts or other council committees or groups must select one webmaster who will serve as the contact with the council web site committee. It is recommended that the group organize a committee of skilled individuals who will build and regularly maintain the site.

• All material presented in the site will be appropriate to Scouting.

• An adult over the age of 18 may complete and submit the official council contact release form.  To find it on our website look under Forms. This will allow us to release telephone or pager numbers, street addresses, email addresses, etc., for publication on the site. Otherwise no contact information may be displayed. Full names for adults may be used—first names only for youth under the age of 18. No contact information, i.e. telephone, address, email address, mail-to link, etc. may be published for youth under the age of 18.

• Written permission must be obtained and kept on file at the council service center for individuals who are specifically shown in displayed images.

• There will be no advertisements, no commercial endorsements, no electronic sales of BSA supply division merchandise, and no sales or promotion of competing products. No BSA publication currently for sale through the supply division may be replicated.

• Links within and between the council site and other approved district or council sites are permissible. Links outside are to be minimized, and must be approved by a member of the council executive staff.  They may only be to sites that are appropriate and applicable to the Scouting movement and its activities. This would include news and informational sites and those providing a legitimate free service important to program presentation. We will not link to sites for the purpose of offering or suggesting a purchase opportunity.  Links to chartered units’ sites are authorized only in cases where the unit has been approved for the link according to Web Site Policies for Chartered Units of the Chief Seattle Council.

• All district and council sites must be kept current, and must be of a professional quality.