The Boy Scouts of America is an organization of volunteers.  Volunteers are essential to running the programs we have for our youth.  Many of us take great pride in being volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America.  Units that prosper will typically have a large number of volunteers. 

Parents today are willing to volunteer.  They will say YES.  Multiple opportunities/tasks must be available that will work within their schedule.  We need to be flexible.  These opportunities may be in unit leadership, in a mentoring position or for a specific task. 

Set the expectation that all parents will be doing some type of volunteering.  Some volunteer opportunities will require YPT and additional training.  Some opportunities such as collecting summer camp registrations do not require the adult to be registered.

At the beginning of each program year schedule an Orientation for all adults: both those that are new and those that are returning.  They have a lot to learn from one another.    

  1. Before Orientation, write down all the volunteer tasks/opportunities on individual sticky notes with 1 per note. This can be done ahead of time by the unit Committee.  If the volunteer task has a due date, include that on the sticky note.
  2. Make sure you have a mix of small and large tasks. Units may decide on whether or not to include leadership positions.
  3. Display on a wall, white board or any flat space so that the notes are visible to everyone.
  4. All families are asked to pull one or more volunteer opportunities for which they would like responsibility.
  5. Someone keeps a list of tasks/opportunities and who wanted the job. A reminder can be sent out by the keeper of the volunteering opportunities.  This too is a volunteer task.
  6. Anything left on the wall will not get done. 

During Orientation set the expectation that everyone will be volunteering in some capacity.  Explain that some opportunities are larger than others and all help is welcome.  Point out the sticky note wall of volunteer opportunities.

If someone expresses a willingness to do something other than what is posted, say YES.

Depending upon unit structure and size you may or may not include leadership opportunities.  Sometimes that person volunteering to be in a leadership role is the right person and sometimes it is not the right person. 

We do such a good job at recruiting, let’s keep the families we worked so hard to welcome in our program.