The Seattle Service Center is open Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm. Please call ahead for appointments, 206-725-5200. The Puget Sound Scout Shop is open Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm. The shop is closed daily for lunch 1-1:30pm. Please call the shop ahead of time at 206-721-5945.



An employee or volunteer of Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America, who reports waste, fraud, or abuse will not be terminated or otherwise retaliated against for making the report.

The report will be investigated and even if determined not to be waste, fraud, or abuse, the individual making the report will not be retaliated against. There will be no punishment for reporting problems - including termination of employment, demotion, suspension, harassment, failure to consider the employee for promotion, or any other kind of discrimination.

Suspected fraud, theft or any other compliance violations may be reported anonymously or confidentially by calling the compliance hotline at (877) 269-5669. The hotline is provided by an independent vendor hired by the council. Allegations  will be communicated directly to a designated board member (Board Chairman or Vice President for Governance) who will direct an investigation. The investigation will include interviews with immediate supervisors, peers, affected volunteers, and others as deemed appropriate to resolve the allegation.

When the investigation is complete, the council will:

Provide the person filing a report with a summary of our findings.

Take steps to deal with the ·issue addressed, including making operational or personnel changes.

If warranted, contact law enforcement to deal with any criminal activities.