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Nature of Leadership Trek

Leadership and service to others are two key tenants of Venturing, the Boy Scouts of America's fastest growing teenage program. Combine these two elements and you get the concept of "the servant leader". Servant leadership as a philosophy teaches that the leader works with and through a team to accomplish the mission. Rather than just talking about leadership, Venturing through the new Kodiak Trek teaches useable, relevant leadership skills that every teen can use.

Challenging high adventure trek. Participants come from around the Council. Team taught by two instructors per Crew of 8-12. Uses hands on learning approach with very short presentations. Constant reinforcement. Creates a leadership fraternity

Be a registered Venturer (youth only). Be at least 16 years old. Have physical capability for a specific trek and have outdoor skills for a specific trek.

Interested in Nature of Leadership Trek for your crew? Please direct questions to the council training chairman via the contact page.